Amazon Web Services | Software Engineering Intern | East Palo Alto, CA
June - August 2018

  • Worked on Aurora, a distributed cloud-native relational database, and AWS’ fastest growing service.
  • Developed production cluster service to automate ticket resolution using Java, DynamoDB, and internal service APIs. Improved on-call engineer productivity.
  • Wrote tool for enabling/disabling autoscaling policies and provisioning IOPS on pre-prod clusters.

Phosphorus | Software Engineering Intern | New York, NY
May - August 2017

  • One of 30 Princeton Start-up Immersion Program participants placed at early-stage or series A startups.
  • Redesigned management portal and implemented custom UI/UX components in admin dashboard using Wicket and Scala.
  • Created distributor preference scoping model in Scala, Spring Boot, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL. Wrote AWS Cloud Formation templates.


Princeton Vision and Learning Lab | Undergrad Researcher | Princeton, NJ
September 2018 - current

  • Did an undergraduate senior thesis in computer vision and deep learning, related to single-view 3D reconstruction: the problem of recovering 3D structure from a single 2D image.
  • Submitted to NeurIPS 2019 conference.

Harvard-MIT HST | Bioinformatics Research Intern | Boston, MA
June - August 2016

  1. Claims-wide Association Study (CWAS)

    • Worked with Prof. Isaac Kohane and Dr. Arjun Manrai to develope a new association study called “claims-wide association study (CWAS)” - like genome-wide association studies (GWAS), but for insurance claims.
    • Built a data visualization tool for plotting heatmaps of the USA from parsed AETNA insurance claims, at multiple levels of geographic specificity (zipcode, county, state, regional)
    • Used R, MySQL, and the Shiny web framework; code here.
  2. User-friendly Bioinformatics Tools (UBiT2)

    • Worked with Dr. Jean Fan to develop an open-source web application for client-side RNA-seq and qPCR data analysis.
    • All computation and data visualization is done client-side, thus providing a secure and fast environment for bioinformatics that involves no server.
    • Built in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Code here.
    • Submitted manuscript to bioRxiv.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School | HS Research Intern | Newark, NJ
June - August 2014

  • Investigated effects of the Rasā€¢GTP-Raf-MEK-ERK signaling pathway in Drosophila fruit flies on organismal and organ senescence.
  • Conducted lifespan and stress (starvation, oxidative and heat) assays on flies with transgenes expressing varied levels of Rpd3 protein in the heart tissue.
  • Conducted heartbeat measurements on flies throughout various stages in their lifespan to analyze heart-function decline with age.
  • Co-authorship in a paper published in Aging, and semifinalist status in the 2015 Intel Science Talent Search (STS).

Rutgers Dept. of Physics | HS Research Intern | Piscataway, NJ
June - August 2013

  • Explored symmetry-breaking phase transitions in multiferroic materials (i.e. rare-earth hexagonal manganites).
  • Polished and imaged these materials.
  • Analyzed topological defect distribution using published theoretical results.
  • Co-authorship in a paper published in Nature Physics.